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Farm Planning

Find out more about B+LNZ’s farm planning approach and access key resources.

Farm Planning

About Farm Planning

B+LNZ’s farm planning approach is designed to help you:

  • ensure the sustainability and profitability of your business by adapting to climate change, understanding and managing your greenhouse gas emissions, and protecting the health of your soil, freshwater and biodiversity
  • meet emerging consumer and regulatory requirements
  • provide an evidence base to tell your farming story.

The modular approach allows you to initially focus on the aspects that are most important to your business and continue building your plan over time.

The first module to be launched covers the environment.

B+LNZ’s farm planning approach will be primarily delivered through workshops with a strong practical focus. If you’re interested in doing a farm planning workshop, contact your local B+LNZ Extension Manager – if you don’t have their details call 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 233 352) or email

In addition to the Farm Plan: Environment Module workshops, Beef + Lamb New Zealand will, COVID-related restrictions allowing, be delivering workshops on specific sections. These chapter specific events enable you to focus on individual parts of your farm plan as they are most important to your business and build your farm plan over time.

Responding to a Changing Climate workshop

This workshop covers the background to knowing and calculating a farm’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) numbers and enables farmers to calculate their farm’s GHG emissions and document their GHG action plan. You can download a copy of the Climate Change chapter (PDF, 3.56MB).

Winter Grazing Workshop

For more information on our workshop to help you plan for and manage your winter grazing, visit the Winter Grazing webpage in the Knowledge Hub.

In this workshop, you’ll work through the ‘Forage Cropping’ section of B+LNZ’s Farm Plan: Environment Module. It covers planning and management to avoid and mitigate the negative effects of winter forage crop grazing and strategies and techniques to look after animals, soils and water. You can find the documents on this page

Download the Farm Plan document

Click on the button below to download a PDF of the Farm Plan: Environment Module. You will be asked to provide some registration details if not already logged in – this is so B+LNZ can provide you with update details in future, as well as further information about Farm Planning.


Farm Plan – Environment Module User Guide

Your step-by-step process to creating the Environment Module of your Farm Plan and keeping it active, for your farm.

This user guide is a step by step process to help create your plan and to keep it active. In addition, it lists the things you need to do before the 1st workshop, the things you need to bring to the workshops, and where you can find more information.

Request a hard copy – email or call 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 233 352).

Farm Plan – Environment Module templates

In this section you can find copies of all the templates in the ‘Our Plan’ section of the Farm Plan – Environment Module, should you need extra copies. You can print these off, or download and fill in electronically. 

You can download a file with all the Farm Plan templates here (PDF, 7.3MB). Alternatively, find specific chapters and individual templates in the menu below.

Farm Plan – Environment Module resource links

Through the Farm Plan – Environment Module, you will see a number of resources are mentioned, for further information and to help you create your plan. We’ve collected all those links here on this page to make them easy to find. Find the resource links by chapter through the dropdown menu below.