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Log in/Register

To register on the B+LNZ electoral roll you need to own sheep or cattle in New Zealand. Either:

  • log in to your existing online account, click on the ‘Account settings’ tile and select ‘Register on Beef + Lamb New Zealand Electoral Roll’ in the ‘Update your subscriptions’ section, or
  • create a new online account below and make sure you check Yes under ‘Do you own livestock?’

Why have an online account?

Creating an online account will give you access to a dashboard where you’ll be able to:

  • check and update your details and your preferences for receiving B+LNZ information/subscriptions such as our weekly e-diary newsletters (go to the ‘Account settings’ tile)
  • access tools such as the B+LNZ GHG Calculator and KPI resources
  • join B+LNZ Action Groups
  • keep your favourite B+LNZ webpages in one place.