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Winter grazing/ Forage crop grazing

Good environmental and animal welfare outcomes require good practice. Farmers are already doing some great work in both the animal welfare and the environmental space, but there is always more to be done. Managing winter grazing activities to minimise impact on animal welfare and your waterways is easy and effective when you have a plan in place and simple management tweaks thought out in advance.

Following the Government’s recent announcement of amendments to Intensive Winter Grazing (IWG) regulations, B+LNZ has produced factsheets explaining what these changes mean for farmers. This factsheet on Intensive Winter Grazing regulations (PDF, 2.7MB) explains the amended IWG rules for farmers. Some farmers may now need a resource consent for intensive winter grazing activities. Just like any license or permit, there is an application process for resource consents. This factsheet on how to apply for a resource consent (PDF,2.6KB)  is designed to step farmers through the resource consent application process, specifically for intensive winter grazing activities under the National Environmental Standards for Freshwater. For regional specific information, this table contains links to intensive winter grazing information and contacts for each regional council.

B+LNZ has rolled out the stand alone Forage Cropping Management module as part of the B+LNZ Farm Plan to help you build your wintering plan, see more on the wintering workshops below.

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