Cyclone Gabrielle – information for farmers

This page contains the latest information about Cyclone Gabrielle including ways to help other farmers and B+LNZ’s work in the space.

Resources to help

Ways you can help farmers

The volume of people wanting to help is truly humbling. We’ve received lots of questions about how to do this – here are the preferred ways. Please note that many agencies have asked people not to donate goods as these often can’t be matched with what communities need.

B+LNZ’s work to help impacted farmers

B+LNZ knows this is a really tough time and want to assure farmers we’re here for you. Currently, this is a Civil Defence-led process and B+LNZ’s job is to support that however we can.

  • B+LNZ’s team is working across regional North Island, feeding into the national emergency response and connecting with farming communities.
  • B+LNZ is working as part of the local Rural Advisory Groups (RAGs) to have a coordinated response. RAG is made up of members from B+LNZ, Rural Support Trust, DairyNZ, Federated Farmers, Fonterra and MPI On Farm Support. 
  • While welfare of farmers and their families, and also animal welfare, is rightly top of mind, we’re also talking to banks, meat processors, Inland Revenue and central government to ensure that finance, tax issues, access to killing space are covered so farmers can get on with farming wherever possible.
  • We’re reaching out through our staff and Farmer Councillors to ensure farmers’ voices are heard and activities in their region are targeted to the right places so they can get on and farm.
  • We know some farmers are already in recovery mode – here are our flood resources.
  • When the response moves into the next phase, B+LNZ will move into supporting the short/medium term recovery response on a region-by-region basis.

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