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Winter grazing workshop and templates

This year, 2021, our industry has the opportunity to further demonstrate to Government that it does not need additional regulation to protect the environment when grazing winter crops. Winter crops can be successfully grazed without excess run-off of sediment, e-coli, and nitrogen, while also maintaining animal welfare standards. Thanks to strong lobbying by B+LNZ and other industry partners, the Government has postponed the implementation of winter grazing regulations until 2022. Regional councils are still going to be monitoring environmental indicators to identify any issues around winter grazing.

To help farmers document their winter management practices, B+LNZ has fast tracked the roll out of the Forage Cropping chapter of their Farm Plan. A key outcome of this, is the documenting of actions to protect critical source areas and minimise environmental impacts. It will also help provide proof to the Government that farmers do not need further regulations to protect their natural resources and livestock.

Participate in a Winter Grazing Workshop

Winter forage crop grazing is a specific type of forage cropping and often has a higher risk of negative impacts on the environment. In this workshop you’ll work through the ‘Forage Cropping’ section of B+LNZ’s Farm Plan: Environment Module. It covers planning and management to avoid and mitigate the negative effects of winter forage crop grazing and strategies and techniques to look after animals, soils and water.

This workshop is intended to help farmers meet our industry’s commitments around winter grazing.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Outline how forage cropping fits into your farming system
  • Describe the crops used and where these are established on-farm
  • Carry out a risk assessment
  • Document or record your winter grazing action plan
  • Outline any winter grazing monitoring that needs to be done

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Get started on your own plan now

You can start your plan today with the below templates. 

Forage Cropping management section
All Forage Cropping templates 

Templates for managing your forage cropping and winter grazing.

Other resources that can help you complete the templates:


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