Motorbikes, quad bikes, side X sides

Follow this Safe Work Procedure when operating Motorbikes, Quad Bikes and Side X Sides. All operators must follow this procedure and be familiar with the operator’s manual prior to operating the machine.

What are the minimum operator requirements?

  • Operator must be under direct supervision until assessed as competent by person in charge of the workplace
  • If riding on a public road, operator must hold a Class 1 Driver License (car license)
  • Machine with engine capacity over 90cc is not to be operated by a person under the age of 16

What equipment do you need?

Both operator and passenger (if operating a side x side) are to wear the minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when operating the machine:

  • Helmet (NZS 8600:2002 minimum for speeds less than 30 kph)
  • Boots or gumboots

General Procedure

  • Check the bike before operation and ensure it has been correctly maintained
  • Ride to the conditions and your level of ability
  • Ride actively (shift body position to maintain stability) and be aware of effects of loads on machines handling
  • Scan ahead for obstacles/hazards
  • If in doubt of a route, find another one
  • Do not exceed manufacturers’ load and towing limits
  • Only use attachments (i.e. trailers, sprayers) that are designed for use with your machine
  • Do not carry passengers on quad bikes designed for one person unless there is no reasonable alternative - see special note
  • Remove keys after use to prevent unauthorised access (i.e. children)

Special note - Carrying passengers on single seat quad bikes

As a rule, passengers will not be carried on quad bikes designed for only one person. If however there is no reasonable alternative, the risk of doing so will be assessed, taking into consideration the terrain, the capability of the rider and passenger, and any other relevant farm specific factors. If after completing the risk assessment a passenger is still to be carried, then the control measures must as a minimum include:

  • Operator and passenger to wear personal protective equipment.
  • Ensure that the speed is appropriate to the conditions and does not exceed 20 km/h.
  • Identify and do not enter those areas of the farm that are not suitable for carrying passengers on a quad bike.
  • Operator must be competent to operate machine with a passenger.
  • Carry passenger on uphill side of rear load carrier, facing forward with legs within the frame.
  • Check that the passenger is able to ride physically unsupported, knows what to do and can react promptly to your instructions.

What are the risks?

  • Collisions with other motor vehicles or objects
  • Run over
  • Roll over

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