Burn offs

Follow this Safe Work Procedure when conducting burn offs.

What are the minimum operator requirements?

Workers must be under direct supervision until assessed as competent by the person in charge of the workplace.

What equipment do you need?

  • Wear cotton or wool clothing - no synthetic
  • Means to communicate with 111 if required

What do you need to do to plan a burn?

  • Check with Rural Fire authority to see if there is a Fire Ban in place or if a Burn Plan is required
  • Check Emergency Response Plan and maintain on person during burn
  • Maintain a minimum distance of 50 meters between fire and other combustible material, including power lines
  • Ensure no strong winds are forecast
  • Ensure any wind is blowing away from shelter belts, trees, fences, buildings or other combustible material
  • Plan escape routes
  • Have appropriate equipment available

What do you need to do during the burn?

  • When burning multiple piles or windrows, start at the downwind end
  • Monitor the fire. If it gets out of control call 111 and follow Emergency Management Plan

What should you do after the fire is out?

  • Check burnt area to ensure it is cold
  • Turn the pile and apply water if necessary to cool it down

What are the risks?

Uncontrolled fire, resulting in injury, death and/or property damage

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