Pest control

Invasive weeds, vermin and wild or feral animals are able to enter your farm unaided and spread pests and disease to your stock and paddocks. Vigilance and active management can mitigate these risks.

Recommended practices

  • Regularly monitor and control vermin, wild or feral animals, pests and weed populations to prevent impact on stock and production systems.
  • Consider coordinating your efforts with neighbours to maximise the effectiveness of your own actions.
  • Maintain all fencing to prevent access of wild or feral animals.

Download DairyNZ's Biosecurity Planner – Protecting your business from pests and diseases (PDF, 298 KB)

Nasella Tussock web App

AgResearch has created a new app with funding from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment in collaboration with Environment Canterbury, which provides a tool to visualise a range of grubbing strategies.

The app deploys a population model, built using data from farms in North Canterbury, that counts the number of nassella tussock plants in summer and winter in each of seven different life stages of the tussock and keeps track of their contribution to the total tussock population over successive years.