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Wormwise Programme

The Wormwise programme provides farmers with the latest knowledge and techniques to manage worms effectively and sustainably and minimise drench resistance issues. It also aims to lift productivity and the welfare of livestock.

Farmers have identified the sustainable management of worms as one of the biggest challenges they currently face. They have asked for a consistent message from those advising them on testing, drench selection, grazing management and genetic solutions to worm problems.

In May 2005, B+LNZ and MPI Sustainable Farming Fund initiated the development of a national worm management strategy, Wormwise.

Wormwise is overseen by an implementation group represented by: Animal & Plant Health New Zealand (APHANZ), New Zealand Veterinary Association, MPI, B+LNZ, Deer Industry New Zealand and DairyNZ.

B+LNZ is currently the sole funder of Wormwise.

In 2021 a review of Wormwise highlighted the need for greater uptake of sustainable worm management practices. In 2022, well known sheep and beef veterinarian Ginny Dodunski was appointed programme manager for Wormwise.  

Future initiatives will include retailer training, point-of-sale worm management advice and improvements in reporting drench resistance data.

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