B+LNZ Action Groups

Forming or joining an Action Group is a great way for farmers to put their ideas into action, make positive changes on farm and improve their business’ productivity and profitability.


Note: this programme is currently under review. Please contact Olivia.Weatherburn@beeflambnz.com for more information. 

Developed with input from sheep and beef farmers and rural professionals as part of the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP), the approach has been proven to support farmers to make changes in a range of areas such as farm systems and the environment.

B+LNZ has adopted the Action Group extension and adoption model to ensure all sheep and beef farmers have had the opportunity to benefit from the success of this small group learning approach.

A comprehensive evaluation of the action group programmes is in progress, and a report is scheduled for release in early 2024. This report will highlight essential findings from the overarching program and detail the strategies for integrating action groups into extension delivery throughout B+LNZ and the broader industry in the coming years including the proposed support for existing groups.

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