People and training

Partnerships and sponsorships

At B+LNZ, we believe in collaboration and actively support the ongoing initiatives within the sector, rather than operating independently. We are dedicated to several partnerships across the industry, aiming to ensure that sheep and beef farmers play a significant role in shaping vocational training and attracting as well as retaining workers in our sector. These collaborations take various forms, including memorandums of understanding, contracted work, and sponsorship.

image of AWDT graduates standing outside hall

NZ Young Farmers

B+LNZ and NZ Young Farmers (NZYF) have entered into a Community Partnership. NZYF will support B+LNZ with their objectives relating to attraction and retention of young people into the sheep and beef sector. 

The partnership ensures B+LNZ and NZ Young Farmers collaboratively work together on the Food and Fibre Discovery Challenge, Meat your Career camps, FMG Young Farmer Competition, the Agrication website, and the cross-promotion of resources and events.

Think Safe Brain Campaign

The health and safety of everyone on your farm is important. The ‘Think Safe Brain’ Campaign is for rural schools around New Zealand where whole communities celebrate everything rural while teaching critical practical lessons about health, safety and wellbeing. B+LNZ is proud to support this campaign through annual sponsorship. 

Massey University

B+LNZ is a proud sponsor of the annual Massey Agriculture, Horticulture and Environmental Science Awards celebrating student academic success across agriculture and horticulture. Learn more on the Massey University website.

Lincoln University

B+LNZ is a proud sponsor of the annual Lincoln University Food and Fibre Awards and Networking evening celebrating student academic success across agriculture and horticulture. Learn more on the Lincoln University website.

Wider industry partnerships 

Some of the other organisations we work alongside to advise and assist B+LNZ’s strategic position and leadership of a whole of sector approach to primary industry capability are: 

  • Food and Fibre Capability Leadership Group: provide regular reporting between all members, highlighting issues or opportunities in relation to the red meat sector ensuring the voice of the red meat sector is heard and included at government decision level. 
  • Muka Tangata: Muka Tangata is the Workforce Development Council (WDC) for the food and fibre sector. B+LNZ meets regularly with staff to ensure sheep, beef, deer and wool farming are represented and that the workforce development plans meet the needs of our farmers. 
  • Opportunities Grow Here: we annually collaborate with the Opportunities Grow Here team to have a presence and promote careers across the sheep and beef sector at the annual Mystery Creek Field days in Hamilton as well as providing feedback and input into the resources they develop.
  • Regional groups: the following list is some of but not limited to, the other regional groups and organisations we work with:
  • Telford (Southern Institute of Technology)
  • Taratahi (Eastern Institute of Technology)
  • Wairarapa Primary Skills Advisory Group (WPSAG)
  • Great South (Southland Regional Development Agency)
  • Ministry for Primary Industries
  • Ministry of Education
  • Tertiary Education Commission.