About the Catchment Community Group Programme

Encouraging farmer participation and leadership in catchment community groups can represent a rural voice that can help build more resilient communities that can respond to local opportunities or issues. 

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand understands the importance of catchment community groups and the positive impacts they can have on farming communities. We encourage and support farmers to take active roles in local catchment community groups to help work towards achieving the groups vision and goals.

This is integral to our vision of ‘Sustainable and profitable farmers, thriving rural communities, valued by New Zealanders’. 

We offer farmers and catchment community groups a range of resources to support your work including e-forums, e-learning modules, a national catchment map, catchment facilitation training, podcasts, and fact sheets. As well as this we also offer farm plan workshops and a range of other resources available on our Knowledge Hub.

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Catchment Groups Map

This map allows you to connect with other catchment community groups. See where they are, add your own and connect.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Constitution Builder

Need help drafting your rules?

Every incorporated society is required to have a constitution or set of rules, stating clearly how it intends to be run. To help you draft your constitution, the New Zealand Companies Office has designed the Constitution Builder, a ‘do-it-yourself’ online tool for writing or revising your society’s rules. Get started.