US consumers encouraged to splurge on NZ grass-fed beef and lamb

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The Taste Pure Nature US ‘Earth Month’ campaign we mentioned a few weeks ago featured on top US women’s lifestyle outlet where registered dietitian Samantha Cassetty explained why it’s worth splurging on quality grass-fed beef and lamb.

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The story went live on, a website that gets 7.7 million unique visits per month. Read the full story here.

Titled ‘When to Splurge and when to save at the Grocery store’, Cassetty explains why it’s worth splurging for the quality, taste and nutritional benefits you get when you choose grass-fed red meat.

She says, “I always look for New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb because it is humanely raised and the animals graze freely on open pastures 365 days a year, ensuring the healthiest and most naturally flavorful meat you can find.”

Cassetty also highlighted a number of nutritional benefits you get from eating beef and lamb, including higher vitamin A and E content and a more favorable fat profile compared to other red meats, as well as iron, zinc, protein, and vitamin B12, which support higher levels of immunity, energy levels, focus and performance.

A platform for meat processing companies

Nick Beeby, B+LNZ’s Market Development General Manager says B+LNZ created the Taste Pure Nature brand platform to enhance the positioning of New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb globally.

“Taste Pure Nature creates the context for New Zealand beef and lamb and provides a marketing umbrella to underpin New Zealand meat exporter brand building activities.

It forms part of a long-term strategy to grow value for New Zealand beef and lamb supply chains by differentiating New Zealand beef and lamb from competitors.

This is one of many Taste Pure Nature campaigns running in the US. We will continue to update you here so keep a lookout.

TPN underpinned by Making Meat Better

The new consumer-facing website ‘Making Meat Better’ launched on 30 March is underpinning some of the Taste Pure Nature messaging and is supporting the marketing of New Zealand beef and lamb globally.

The information on the site is being incorporated into our messaging in the US. Some of the processing companies are also looking at how they can include the statistics on the site in their marketing in other countries.

Read more about the website and how it’s performing so far.

Help share bite-sized bits of proof about NZ beef and lamb

By sharing some of the facts highlighted on the Making Meat Better website, you can help us strengthen our marketing overseas by encouraging positive conversations about eating New Zealand red meat.

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