Taste Pure Nature celebrates Earth Day by promoting NZ beef and lamb

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To celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month, the team at Taste Pure Nature has enlisted the services of US-based dietician and nutrition consultant Samantha Cassetty to share her tips on eating sustainably.

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Through a comprehensive, US-focused media campaign, Samantha, who has a high media profile, will be highlighting the importance of selecting high-quality grass-fed meat as part of a flexitarian diet.

She cites research that suggests grass-fed and pasture-raised beef and lamb help conserve soil and reduce the water pollution associated with industrial cattle farming while being nutritionally superior.

“New Zealand grass-fed and pasture-raised beef and lamb are great options to look for because it delivers on taste, quality and environmental benefits. It has higher vitamin A and E content, is lower in total fat and has a healthier omega3:omega 6 ratio than grain-fed meat.”

She states that NZ farmers have prioristed soil health and regenerating native forestry on sheep and cattle farms which helps sequester carbon, slowing the accumulation of greenhouse gases.

“According to Harvard University, the shipping miles are off-set by the small production footprint.

As well as promoting high quality grass-fed meat, Samantha also recommends opting for sustainable seafood, meal planning to help reduce food waste while staying organized and eating healthily and incorporating plant foods into the diet.

“When serving grass-fed meat or another protein source, make room for vegetables.”

Samantha’s tips on eating sustainably without compromising on nutrition will be shared through both mainstream and social media and B+LNZ will also be sharing the following post on its Instagram account to celebrate NZ’s farmers and production systems.

Happy Earth Day In New Zealand, we are proud of our lush landscapes, commitment to raising animals humanely and producing the highest quality meat, naturally. But we are even more proud of our dedication to keeping ourenvironment clean, green, and healthy. We are dedicated to improving soil health, maintaining our biodiverse environment, protecting our water and air while always improving the quality of life for every creature involved. #tastepurenature #earthday     

How B+LNZ celebrated Earth Day on social

B+LNZ shared infographics about how New Zealand sheep and beef farming is better for the planet taken from our new Making Meat Better website. View the posts on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

The Making Meat Better website helps Kiwis find facts about the production and consumption of New Zealand’s beef and lamb. You can find infographics listed on the website that you can share to your own social media account or download and save for later.