Taste Pure Nature brand recognition trending upwards in US market

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s (B+LNZ) brand tracking in the US market shows there’s a significant increase in awareness of Taste Pure Nature, New Zealand’s red meat origin brand and story.

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Awareness of New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb and what makes it unique and special has increased by 17 percent, says B+LNZ Global Manager – New Zealand Red Meat Story, Michael Wan.

“More and more US Conscious Foodies are coming to understand that New Zealand has a unique natural environment and approach to farming that’s perfect for producing high-quality and nutritious grass-fed beef and lamb,” says Wan. 

“US consumers now also rate both New Zealand beef and lamb as excellent on delivering overall value, that is, being worth what they are asked to pay. 

Climate change and COVID-19 have caused a shift in how global consumers, including those in the US, consider sustainable food practices. Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and their choices reflect these changing values. 

“Diets are expected to shift to include more environmentally friendly, sustainable food practice as people focus on foods that have the lowest climate impact,” Wan says.

“Already, eighty-one percent of US consumers agree or strongly agree with supporting brands that partake in sustainable farming or regenerative agriculture practices.”

Thanks to our marketing efforts through Taste Pure Nature, these same US consumers are also starting to understand New Zealand is a leading producer of grass-fed beef and lamb, with farming systems that align with their values.

“Our animals graze naturally on grass as opposed to grain or grass-alternatives. Alongside this, they also understand that our grass-fed beef and lamb is healthier, not only for the environment, but themselves,” he says.

As a result, B+LNZ’s insights show that US consumers are highly likely to buy, pay a more for as well as recommend New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb.

Taste Pure Nature is a global brand platform designed to enhance the position of our grass-fed beef and lamb globally.

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