Taste Pure Nature boosts aspiration to buy New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb

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Throughout 2022, Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) continued to build awareness and aspiration to buy New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb in the U.S. and China through its Taste Pure Nature brand marketing programme.

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B+LNZ’s tracking shows consumers are becoming increasingly aware of New Zealand’s unique and natural farming systems and seek to buy New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb when they can.

Michael Wan, B+LNZ’s Global Manager – NZ Red Meat Story says, “Collaboration within New Zealand’s red meat industry is an important contributor to the success of Taste Pure Nature in the U.S. and China. 

“Our collaborative campaigns are designed to generate consumer awareness, trial and ultimately purchase of our export partners' products at retail. The proof is in the metrics – one campaign contributed to a 266 percent increase in sales.”

View the key highlights from 2022 below.

Taste Pure Nature in the U.S.

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The Taste Pure Nature campaign continues to be well received by Californian Conscious Foodies.

B+LNZ’s consumer tracking shows New Zealand maintains its position as a leading country in producing high quality beef and lamb that these consumers are willing to pay a price premium for.  

Key highlights

  • Food Truck tour generated more than 250 million media impressions (media displays). 
  • Five digital adverting campaigns generating more than 116.9 million views. 
  • Taste Pure Nature social media channels grew by more than 9,000 followers and generated over 160,000 interactions.
  • Influencer activity on social media platforms generated over 22.3 million views. 
  • The Taste Pure Nature website had over 3.91 million visits coming from searches for keywords such as ‘lamb rack recipe’ and ‘beef casserole’.  

U.S. partnership activity  

Here are a few highlights from Taste Pure Nature’s collaborative campaigns with meat processing and exporting company partners.  

In partnership with Atkins Ranch and First Light Farms, B+LNZ launched a Food Truck tour in L.A. so residents could experience a taste of New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb. Read more here. More than 15,000 food samples were handed out during the activation. The tour featured on KTLA Morning News, which has more than 147,000 daily views. 

B+LNZ supported the launch of Silver Fern Farms Net Carbon Zero by Nature Beef in the U.S. with an influencer campaign that intrigued Conscious Foodies with delicious recipes using products from the range and other low carbon footprint ingredients. A joint Easter lamb e-commerce campaign contributed to a 266 percent increase in sales revenue from Silver Fern Farms lamb products and a 68 percent increase in website traffic.  

A joint Summer Grilling campaign with Atkins Ranch featuring an influencer campaign and media recipe release resulted in over 186 million views and 16,000 social interactions.

Taste Pure Nature in China 

Taste Pure Nature figures in China

Despite B+LNZ having to adapt its China strategy due to ongoing market volatility as a result of COVID-19, the Taste Pure Nature campaign continues to appeal to Chinese Conscious Foodies and pique their interest in New Zealand beef and lamb.

New Zealand has held and strengthened its leading position on ‘beef buzz’  44% of Chinese consumers surveyed reporting it as the most seen / heard about country of origin for beef.

Key highlights

In September, B+LNZ partnered with Alliance Group and Silver Fern Farms to launch the Pure Box vending machines in Shanghai. Six meals were co-developed by B+LNZ and chef Jamie Pea to fuse traditional Chinese ingredients, Western food trends and New Zealand grass-feed beef or lamb in a convenient, ready-to-eat, meal. 

The branded machines were positioned in high-foot traffic areas around Shanghai, and the overall activation has reached more than 35 million consumers through placements on social media and news outlets such as Vogue and Elle. Read more here.

Other highlights from 2022 include: 

  • Taste Pure Nature’s Chinese social media accounts generated 3.4 million views, over 110,500 interactions and gained more than 3,500 followers.
  • Collaborations with KOL’s (key opinion leaders) and KOC’s (key opinion consumers) generated over 2.4 million views and more than 110,000 interactions on social media.
  • A joint digital advertising campaign with Alliance Group to launch its Pure South lamb range generated more than 3.3 million views and 259,000 interactions.
  • A Shanghai-based camping event with Silver Fern Farms involved sharing the New Zealand grass-fed origin story and unique product attributes of Silver Fern Farms with select KOL’s, Food & Beverage and Lifestyle media. The guests created content and published this across various platforms, resulting in more than 13 million views and 25,000 interactions.  

From New Zealand, Naturally Good

B+LNZ officially launched its first brand marketing campaign in China titled ‘From New Zealand, Naturally Good’. The brand campaign is designed to tell a compelling narrative across key digital platforms to build awareness and generate buzz about New Zealand's unique point of difference. In just five weeks, the campaign has generated more than 10 million views and 51,000 interactions. Watch the campaign video here.

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