Sparking conversations about how NZ is ‘Making Meat Better’

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The consumer-facing website ‘Making Meat Better’ is starting to make an impact on conversations about the production and consumption of beef and lamb.

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Earlier this year Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) and the Meat Industry association (MIA) jointly launched the consumer-facing ‘Making meat better’ website containing proven facts about New Zealand’s farming methods.

The website is a one-stop-shop for facts about New Zealand’s farming systems to help inform conversations about the production and consumption of beef and lamb.

“We’ve had great feedback from meat processing and marketing companies about the how the site can help their marketing efforts overseas, we’ve attracted some influential followers to our social media channels and awareness is building,” says Rowena Hume, B+LNZ’s General Manager Communications and Engagement. 

To date (six months since launch), the website has been visited over 26,088 times by 23,000 different users. The social media channels have reached over 4 million people, generating more than 77,000 likes, comments and shares. The social media posts are intended to spark engagement and create conversations which has been really effective. 

“This has exceeded our initial targets and we’re excited to continue to develop content that is engaging and appealing to users,” says Hume. 

“We’re focused on engagement because we know conversations about red meat production and consumption are already happening but often don’t account for New Zealand’s farming contexts,” she says. 

‘Making meat better’ is also support the marketing of New Zealand beef and lamb globally, underpinning the promises made by the Taste Pure Nature brand.

Share bite-sized bits of proof

The Making Meat Better website contains bite-sized bits of proof you can download and share on your social media channels. Take a look at the downloadable infographics on the website, and click ‘download’ or share the infographic on your social channels directly by clicking on the social media icon.

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