#SheLooksLikeMe – profiling female role models in the red meat industry

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Meat Business Women New Zealand has launched the #SheLooksLikeMe campaign that highlights female role models working in NZ’s red meat sector. B+LNZ Ltd, B+LNZ Inc and the Meat Industry Association are territory partners of this global networking organisation.

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A global campaign backed by leading meat businesses has been launched in New Zealand to change perceptions of careers in the meat industry, highlight female role models and encourage more women to join the sector. 

‘She Looks Like Me’ Aotearoa will showcase the breadth of roles and career options that exist in the red meat supply chain to encourage more diversity in the sector and to challenge some perceptions of what it looks like to work in NZ’s red meat sector.

The campaign was launched with the ‘day in the life’ video of Cromwell Butcher, Jayne McMillan who has combined her love of science and her connection to the rural sector. 

Watch Jayne’s story below.

“When I started in the industry, 27 years ago, there were no women on the processing floor and they were largely confined to administration roles. Through hard work, passion and resilience I now own and operate a boutique butchery and delicatessen where I am CEO, Human Resource Manager, Accountant, Butcher, Packer, Customer Service Representative and more.” 

The campaign follows New Zealand’s commitment to getting more women into the meat sector following the ‘Gender Representation in the Meat Sector 2020’ report which showed that women account for 36% of the industry’s global workforce. A first of its kind for the meat industry, the campaign aims to challenge stereotypes about working in meat and put a human face to the sector at a time when it faces increased public scrutiny and pressure to become more diverse. 

Laura Ryan, global chair of Meat Business Women, which created ‘She Looks Like Me’, says: “To attract and retain more female talent, the meat industry needs more visible role models and showcase a wider variety of roles. Many people still think working in the meat industry means being a farmer or working on the production line – and they often think it means being a man. By championing real women who work in our sector, ‘She Looks Like Me’ will shine a light on the meat industry in a way that’s never been done before, giving it a human – and female – face and showing the career options that exist.”

Co-chair of Meat Business Women New Zealand, Abigail Delaney adds “Visibility is a significant hurdle and one our industry needs to overcome. To see is to be seen and the She Looks Like Me campaign paves the way to address this.” Co-chair, Julia Gardner agrees, “We are committed to championing the achievements of the inspiring and influential women within the meat sector. Jayne is a shining example of how far this industry can take your career”. 

Be a part of the ‘She Looks Like Me’ campaign

Meat Business Women NZ are looking for sheep and beef farming women to profile as part of the ‘She Looks Like Me’ campaign. 

If you are willing to share your story, please email Abigail Delaney at Abigail.Delaney@beeflambnz.com

About Meat Business Women NZ

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) Ltd, B+LNZ Inc and the Meat Industry Association are territory partners for Meat Business Women New Zealand. 

Meat Business Women is the global professional networking organisation for women in the meat industry. It works in partnership with the industry to remove the barriers that stop women from reaching their full professional potential. 

As a global organisation with a New Zealand charter, members have access to a huge network of women who can support and mentor you, and development opportunities such as masterclasses and events.

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