Report released on role of red meat

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Our partners at B+LNZ Inc have released a significant report on the role of red meat in healthy and sustainable New Zealand diets. We contributed to this report, along with a number of academics and nutrition professionals, and the information in it forms the foundation of telling our sector story.

red meat being served

B+LNZ Inc’s work promoting the health and nutritional benefits of beef and lamb is underpinned by the latest scientific evidence. The Role of Red Meat in Healthy and Sustainable New Zealand Diets pulls together the breadth of science and information on red meat’s role in the diet generally and specifically in New Zealand, and its role in health and disease. The report was produced and peer reviewed by experts including from Auckland, Massey and Otago Universities.

The report also provides information on how beef and lamb is produced and what this means for consumers and for the environment – this area was our major focus, and it was also contributed to by New Zealand’s Riddet Institute Sustainable Nutrition Initiative, which is doing world-leading research in this space.

It’s important to have comprehensive and New Zealand-specific information and research to address consumer concerns about sustainable nutrition and food systems.

The report highlights how lucky New Zealand is to have access to nutritious grass-fed beef and lamb raised by farmers who are recognised as world leaders in sustainable farming and animal wellbeing. It answers basic questions like ‘is eating beef and lamb good for us?’ ‘how sustainable is beef and sheep farming?’ and ‘how much red meat are Kiwis eating?’

To celebrate the launch, B+LNZ Inc hosted a stimulating discussion panel with thought leaders in the areas of nutrition, agriculture and food systems. We encourage you to check out this discussion – and the other information about the report – on B+LNZ Inc’s website using the link below.

We’ll be using this report as part of our ongoing work to tell the beef and lamb story.

The next major milestone in this work will be the launch of a website, which we’ve collaborated on with B+LNZ Inc and the Meat Industry Association, containing key facts about the way we farm in New Zealand – and what this means for the animals we farm, consumers, the environment and communities. Keep an eye out for more information about this website soon.

To access the report visit B+LNZ Inc’s website.