Made with Care campaign reaches millions

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The Made with Care campaign by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is bringing awareness, preference, and demand for New Zealand food and beverage products around the globe.

Made with care banner

Made with Care is managed by New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and was launched in October last year with focus on key export markets such as Australia, China, Japan, the USA, and the UK. 

As of 30 July this year, the campaign reached around 34.6 million people across the world, with more than 73,000 visits to the website to see products from New Zealand including our grass-fed red meat. 

This increase in engagement is also reflected by Taste Pure Nature’s global tracking in the USA. Awareness of New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb and what makes it unique and special has increased by 17 percent, says B+LNZ’s General Manager Market Development Nick Beeby.

“As Made with Care garners more success, that means more potential engagement for Taste Pure Nature as a global export brand,” Beeby adds.

Made with Care advertises New Zealand’s export food and beverage products for what they are: safe, tasty, premium quality, nutritious, and ethical.

“Since the 1990s, the sheep and beef sector has made major productivity and eco-efficiency gains and is now producing more from less.”

“Our animal welfare standards rank among the world's best, and strict biosecurity and quality control processes, together with our geographic isolation, result in an animal disease-free status recognised by the World Organisation for Animal Health.”

“New Zealand’s food and beverage combined revenue in 2018/2019 was NZ$71.7 billion,” according to the Investor’s Guide to New Zealand Food and Beverage Industry 2020 by MBIE.

Made with Care regularly share Kiwi businesses and their stories on their Facebook and Instagram pages as well at DiscoverNew.NZ.

We encourage farmers and others to amplify the Made with Care campaign. You can share content, create your own, or encourage others to do so. 

To find out more about how to do this, find Made with Care’s resources and use the hashtag #NZMadeWithCare.