Help a retired working dog find their forever home

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If you have a working dog that needs to be retired, Retired Working Dogs NZ (RWD) can help. RWD is a charity re-homing retired working dogs throughout New Zealand into forever homes.

image of retired working dog

The charity, set up in 2012, have re-homed more than 634 working dogs who are either at retirement age or aren’t cut out to be working on farm anymore.

“Retired working dogs make great pets for families. Many of them have been trained with basic commands and are often trusted around stock, other animals, and children,” says Natalie Smith.

The charity works with the SPCA, vet clinics, and farmers to find, advertise, and re-home dogs.

Thinking of retiring your dog?

If your dog is reaching retirement age or is unable to work on your land, then you can submit them to RWD for adoption. You’ll need to enter your details with your dogs and a picture of them for the RWD adoption page.

Your details will be displayed on the RWD website along with your dog’s advertisement so that people can get in contact with you about adopting your dog. In some situations, RWD can help you find a foster home as well.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand encourages farmers and those who can to support RWD in any way that they can. 

Want to adopt a retired working dog?

If you have been thinking about getting a dog or would be willing to take a new friend on board, check out their website or Facebook page to look at dogs up for adoption. Alternatively, they also need people to volunteer as foster careers.

RWD have dogs from across the country advertised for adoption or foster care. They advertise these dogs on behalf of the SPCA and current owners. If you see yourself as one of these dogs next best friend, then you can apply to adopt them on their advertisement.

If there isn’t a dog that is quite suitable for you, then you can submit your interest to adopt or foster a dog and you’ll be added to RWD’s list of those who are looking for a dog.

Other ways to support RWD

There are numerous other ways to support Retired Working Dogs NZ. 

You can show your support by donating on the RWD website, or if you have skills relating to vet treatment, legal matters, or fostering, then get in contact with RWD. They also accept dog-related items as donations such as collars, leads, bowls, and toys.

Alternatively, you can purchase dog bowties for sale on their website to support the charity. At the moment, they are also selling copies of ‘The Secret Lives of Sheepdogs: The Mangakuri Sketches’ by Anneleise Hall. Keep an eye on their website or social media near the end of the year for adorable RWD calendars.

Follow RWD on Facebook to keep up to date with dogs up for adoption and feel-good success stories about how RWD help working dogs find their forever homes.

Along with B+LNZ, the charity is also supported by Totally Vets and Avalon Marketing Website Design, and more.