Further information on M. bovis programme during Alert Level 4 lock-down

// Biosecurity

The M. bovis programme is continuing to operate as an essential service under the current COVID-19 restrictions.

fresian herd grazing

New processes for conducting on-farm sampling during this period have been developed and sampling on farm continues.

New cleaning and disinfection processes will also be put in place over this period, and activity may be paused while these are developed.

ICP Managers (case managers) will not be on farm during the lockdown period, except as required to deliver essential services. Regular phone contact will be available.

Farmers will be contacted via phone before any on-farm visits. There will be no unannounced visits.

Although the COVID-19 situation is placing an unprecedented strain on the supply chain, every effort will be made to ensure the following processes continue as normal:

  • The purchase and transport of feed.
  • The movement of cattle to processing.
  • All legal notices, including Notices of Direction restricting cattle movements, and Restricted Place Notices remain in effect.
  • Where required, new Notices of Direction will be issued over the phone.
  • Planned depopulations will continue.
  • Welfare support will still be provided to farmers.

M. bovis programme staff will work with all affected farmers to manage their specific situations.

Reducing the spread of M. bovis and reducing the number of farms involved in the Programme remains a priority.

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If you have any questions about M. bovis, please call the Liaison team 0800 008 333 or 04 894 5656 or email Mbovis2017_liaison@mpi.govt.nz