Emerging farming leaders take on B+LNZ’s Generation Next programme

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s (B+LNZ) Generation Next programme is well underway. The programme targets emerging farming leaders, building their technical skills while widening their network.

Generation Next banner

Participants attend three workshops over a six-month period to upskill in key farm management areas. Topics span from understanding financial and management basics to technology and genetics within the industry as well as mental health and wellbeing.

The first North Island intake graduated last week after completing module three. “After a strong demand from farmers to host the programme in the North Island, it was fantastic to see it be such a success,” says Olivia Weatherburn, B+LNZ’s National Extension Programme Manager.

The South Island intakes have just completed module one which focused on understanding financial basics facilitated by Lawrence Field. Topics included financial budgeting, stock reconciliation, feed budgeting and more.

Soon they will get together again to complete module two which focuses on technology and genetics.

“It is great to have a wide range of participants from shepherds through to managers and owners, all in the same room building their skills and network,” says Olivia.

“We look forward to extending the programme even further across every B+LNZ region to make it national next year.”

Developing skills together – hear from current participants the McKenzies

Jo and Lachie McKenzie are both participating in B+LNZ’s Central South Island Generation Next programme for the 2022 intake.

The pair thought the programme was a logical next step to combine and build on their knowledge gained from previous learning opportunities.

“I also wanted to be a peer support for my wife, so we can bounce ideas and apply what we’re learning back on-farm in real time,” says Lachie.

Having done quite a lot of industry provided learning previously, Lachie says there’s always something to take away from development opportunities like this.

“The resources from module one was excellent. I learned what a good industry-based accountant looks like – having someone you can bounce ideas off and ask those little questions too whilst not paying the bill is always a bonus.”

“The room was chocka and provided a great opportunity to meet other like-minded people. I look forward to catching up again with everyone soon.

“If you’re thinking of giving it a go – do! You have nothing to lose. Even if you believe you have a sound future business model or succession sorted, there’s will always be something of value to take away in programmes like B+LNZ’s Generation Next,” he says.

Thinking of applying for 2023 B+LNZ Generation Next?

Applications for all of the 2023 intakes will open in November this year. Alternatively, you can register your interest by emailing generation.next@beeflambnz.com.

Learn more about the programme on B+LNZ’s website.