B+LNZ trials new text reader

// B+LNZ

Beef + Lamb New Zealand is trialling a ‘text reader’ on some of its website pages. This means users can click a button and their computer will read the text to them, all they have to do is listen.

man at computer

Aaron Meikle, B+LNZ’s Product & Development Manager, says B+LNZ is trialling this technology as a way to improve access to information on the organisation’s website, as reading isn’t everyone’s preferred method to receive information."

He says the reader will continually improve as it learns words, and if the trial goes well, B+LNZ will expand this service to include more documents.

“As well as making website content accessible to more people, it can be a time-saver if you are after a bit of information out in the field and/or in poor conditions. When you see the microphone icon, click on it and give it a go.”

Try out the text reader on this story by clicking the microphone icon at the top-right of the page.