B+LNZ launches key initiatives at 2021 annual meeting

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At its annual meeting in Invercargill today, Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) launched its new strategy and farm planning approach, and announced significant new industry awards. (Update May 2021: this story now contains information on the Board decision about Director fees).

The theme of the day was ‘positioning the sector for the future’. More than 150 people attended. 

B+LNZ provided attendees with updates on key work, including on environmental issues and the Taste Pure Nature origin brand.  

Attendees also visited the Miller family farm Roslyn Downs to hear about their experience of taking part in the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme Plus (NZFAP+) pilot. NZFAP+ is aligned with B+LNZ’s new farm planning approach. 

The results of two resolutions relating to Chairman and Director remuneration, and to the auditor role, are also outlined below.

B+LNZ’s new strategy

Chief Executive Sam McIvor launched B+LNZ’s new strategy, which sets out the key activities the organisation will be investing in on behalf of red meat producers over the next five years. 

Mr McIvor said it’s important to note the addition of the word ‘sustainable’ to B+LNZ’s vision. “Farmers wanted to emphasise the focus on achieving profitability in tandem with good environmental outcomes.

“Thriving rural communities continue to be at the heart of our vision and is a non-negotiable for our farmers because it’s something they care deeply about."

The three key priority areas are supporting farming excellence, championing the sector and increasing market returns. 

The new strategy is available here (PDF, 73KB)

B+LNZ’s farm planning approach

B+LNZ launched its new, modular, farm planning approach today. The first module is on the environment, which addresses many of the current needs of sheep and beef farmers. It builds on B+LNZ’s effective Land Environment Plans, updating these to account for new knowledge, emerging consumer needs and the emerging rules for freshwater and climate change. Over time, more modules will be added in response to farmer demand. 

B+LNZ’s farm planning will primarily be delivered through practical workshops. The hands-on approach will mean farmers are supported to work through the material and have access to expert knowledge and the ability to share with and learn from other farmers. Workshops will start from mid-April and farmers are encouraged to contact their local B+LNZ Extension Manager if they’re interested in attending one. 

A factsheet about B+LNZ’s farm planning is available on the new farm planning webpage.  

New industry awards

B+LNZ also announced its new Beef + Lamb New Zealand Awards. The awards will celebrate the sheep and beef sector – including dairy beef – and its contribution to New Zealand and its economy. Eight national award categories will recognise sector participants who make an outstanding impact to their area of expertise. 

The B+LNZ Awards build on the previous success of the Sheep Industry Awards. Innovation and effective farming practice will be key focuses.

Entries for the awards will open in May, judging will take place in August/September and the award ceremony will be held in Napier on 20 October. Further information about the awards will be announced by B+LNZ in the coming months. 

More information about the awards is available here.

Meeting resolutions 

The resolutions, to increase Director fees (amounting to an annual increase of 2 percent for the Chairman and 7 percent for each Director), and to appoint KPMG as Beef + Lamb New Zealand Ltd’s auditor, were voted on by 2058 farmers. 

For the first resolution on remuneration, 49.2 percent of votes were in support, 44.6 percent were against with the remaining voters abstaining. Following this result, the B+LNZ Board will now make the final decision on whether to increase Director fees. 

For the second resolution on the auditor, 91 percent of votes were in support, with 4 percent against and the remainder abstaining. 

The resolutions are detailed here

Update May 2021

The B+LNZ Board agreed to increase Director fees as per the resolution, taking into account the recent farmer vote (which was noted as being 53 percent in favour, excluding abstentions and blank returns, confirmed by legal advice). The Board noted farmers had also approved an increase in 2020 but this was not paid during the 2019-20 year due to COVID-19 uncertainty. They also noted that following the increase Director fees remain at a level below the benchmarked median.

The new fees are:

  • Chairman $74,000 per annum (an increase of $1,200 per year).
  • Each Director $37,000 per annum (an increase of $2,320 per year).

The Board also confirmed the reappointment of KPMG as auditor.


For media enquiries, please contact B+LNZ’s Senior Communications Advisor Katie Jans on 027 838 6353.

Watch video recordings

Below you can find links to watch video recordings including the formal Annual Meeting part of the day. You can view the other sessions (Launch of B+LNZ Strategy, International Markets Update and Enhancing our Environmental Position) in the B+LNZ Annual Meeting & Showcase 2021 playlist.