B+LNZ launches Dairy Beef book

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Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s newly launched Beef Levies for Dairy Farmers highlights the integral part the dairy industry plays in this country’s red meat sector and the industry-good organisation.

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B+LNZ’s CEO Sam McIvor says the book brings together the many projects and initiatives and that have been undertaken on behalf of dairy farmers, both solely by B+LNZ and where B+LNZ has worked closely with industry partners such as DairyNZ, on projects of benefit to dairy farmers.

Mr McIvor says on average, dairy farmers pay around $400 annually to B+LNZ through cull cows and other animals they send to slaughter.

“Dairy farmers I talk to have two pretty simple questions, the first is what am I getting from my levies and the second is are you working with DairyNZ and other industry organisations to get the most benefit for that levy.”

“This book is a one-stop-shop to answer those questions.”

B+LNZ uses this levy to add value to the beef side of dairy farmers’ business at every stage of the supply chain, from the calf shed through to the consumer and this book is a compilation of the outcomes achieved through that investment.

Set out in three chapters, the first chapter of Beef levies for Dairy Farmers lists the projects and initiatives undertaken solely by B+LNZ, while the second chapter highlights the many areas where B+LNZ is working alongside DairyNZ and other organisations to avoid duplication and make the most efficient and efficient use of resources and capability.

The third chapter outlines the farm management tools and resources, developed by B+LNZ, that will also help drive profitability and productivity on dairy farms while protecting and enhancing farm and catchment environments.

“The majority of this country’s export beef is of dairy origin, so our industries are intrinsically linked. This is reflected in the investment B+LNZ has made on dairy farmers’ behalf ranging from the use of beef genetics in the dairy industry through to Taste Pure Nature, this country’s first Country of Origin brand which aims to add value to this country’s naturally-raised grass-fed beef.”

Mr McIvor says while dairy farmers have always been a valued part of B+LNZ, a concerted effort is being made to ensure dairy farmers have a voice within the organisation. There is now at least one dairy farmer on each regional Farmer Council (which act as a critical sounding board for B+LNZ) and there is dairy representation on focus groups which guide farm research and extension needs.

This year, B+LNZ will be setting up a specific dairy farmer advisory committee to test some of B+LNZ’s key policy issues and investment priorities.

He says this book is intended to be a dynamic document and will be regularly updated as new projects, initiatives and resources become available.

Download 'Beef Levies for Dairy Farmers' Book (PDF, 12MB)