B+LNZ Genetics launches revolutionary tool

// Breeding and Genetics

B+LNZ Genetics General Manager Dan Brier says the launch reinforces New Zealand’s position as a trailblazer in sheep genetics. “We’ve long been the envy of the world for our genetic evaluation service SIL. However, while SIL is traditionally the domain of ram breeders, nProve is for both breeders and commercial farmers.”

“It has taken three solid years of development and input from farmers and some of New Zealand’s leading ram breeders. The result is an on-line tool that is a pleasure to use. It’s simple to navigate and the transparency of data invites users to engage and really question their breeding priorities.”

Users do not need to register. The tool is freely available at nprove.nz and includes helpful tips to get started. Farmers use a series of button­­­­­s and slider scales to describe what they need from a ram, then – with a simple click of a button – nProve generates a list of breeders whose rams tick those same boxes.

Mr Brier says nProve’s tagline says it all: “Discover genetics fit for your purpose.”

B+LNZ Genetics’ core objective is to help commercial farmers make the most profitable breeding decisions for their particular farm management system. “nProve is the most powerful tool we’ve ever developed. It will improve conversations between farmers and their breeders and, ultimately, deliver more profitable progeny.”

nProve has been developed in partnership with RMPP. Over time, it will replace the SIL tools, FlockFinder and RamFinder.

Visit nProve.nz