B+LNZ and ANZCO Foods marketing collaboration sees grass-fed beef sales rocket in Beijing

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A recent co-branded marketing campaign using the Taste Pure Nature brand lifted the sales of ANZCO Foods New Zealand grass-fed beef by threefold across Beijing’s high-end 7Fresh supermarket stores during the weeklong promotion, with an ongoing increase in weekly sales post-campaign.

ANZCO china campaign

Building on the success of an initial campaign in 2020, the collaborative partnership between Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) and ANZCO Foods was executed through ANZCO’s in-market partner Beijing Zhouchen across 24 7Fresh supermarkets in Beijing.

Michael Wan, B+LNZ’s Global Manager – New Zealand Red Meat Story, says this campaign reinforces our strategic approach with Taste Pure Nature in China, by targeting marketing investment and activity toward Conscious Foodie consumers near retail locations that sell New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb.

Using a range of multimedia advertising, including indoor and outdoor displays, in-store tastings, social media and influencers, as well as other digital advertising, the campaign targeted consumers within a three-kilometer radius of retail stores selling ANZCO’s chilled beef range.

“By working together and combining resources, our focus on reaching the right consumer, building awareness and interest and driving trial and purchase either in store or online has worked well,” says Wan. 

Rick Walker, ANZCO Food’s General Manager Sales and Marketing says that working with the Taste Pure Nature brand is part of ANZCO Foods’ long term strategy in China, which has become a major market for premium chilled beef over recent years with the potential for future growth in both volume and value.

“Taste Pure Nature is an extremely valuable part of our marketing strategy in China. It allows us to communicate to a wider range of potential consumers about the great story New Zealand has to tell around our farming practices and the safety and sustainability of the food we produce. That allows our team to then promote the ANZCO Foods-Beijing Zhouchen co-brand with greater focus and clarity, which is already delivering real benefits that are far exceeding our expectations.’’

As well as seeing a large lift in in-store sales, the Taste Pure Nature Chinese social media site WeChat grew its followers by 275% and the WeChat campaign had more than two million impressions.

ANZCO Foods is already planning a similar promotion in the first half of 2022.

Walker says, “Our collaboration with B+LNZ is a long-term commitment. The real benefits of the Taste Pure Nature brand will take time to truly deliver value to New Zealand farmers and the wider industry, but we have no doubt that it will, and ANZCO Foods sees this this as an investment in our future in China.”

B+LNZ continues to work with several marketing and processing companies on specific campaigns tailored to each company and the locations of their beef and lamb in China. 


For more information, please contact Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s Communications Advisor Abigail Delaney on 027 209 9891 or Abigail.Delaney@beeflambnz.com or ANZCO’s Communications Manager Janet Wright at janet.wright@anzcofoods.com.