Advice for grazing sheep in vineyards

// Health and Safety

Until recently, the use of sprays containing Hexachlorobenzene (HCB) in vineyards has meant that sheep cannot graze between the vines due to the risk of persistent residues.

sheep in vinyards

MPI has now approved a soil testing regime for this chemical, and have provided the following guidance:

  • DO NOT graze treated crops;
  • DO NOT feed any part of a treated crop to stock;
  • UNLESS either:
    •  Soil testing indicates that HCB residues are below 0.001 mg/kg in soil, or;
    • The treated area is thoroughly cultivated (turned over rather than direct drilled) before sowing.

The required soil test is described in the Guideline for Management of Sheep Grazing in Vineyards or Orchards Contaminated with Hexachlorobenzene.

If you plan on grazing your sheep in a vineyard, be sure to obtain a copy of the vineyard’s Spray Diary, which is a complete record of every chemical applied to the property.