Enhance Change: Webinar 3a

Practical tips and tricks for behaviour change.

A three-part webinar series to help you look after your greatest farm asset – your body, by keeping you moving well and living well for a better lifestyle.

Watch the entire B+LNZ 'Enhance the Tool of your Trade' seminar series via the links below: 

Speaker bios

Guest Speaker: Samantha McBride BSc. (Hons) FMCHC

Sam's passion is to guide people to understand and implement how lifestyle can create health from within. With a Degree in Human Physiology her career starting as ‘part-time’ Platoon Commander and pharmaceuticals, to running small business. She is the Safety Manager for the family aerial top-dressing business and in 2017 she spent a year retraining as a Health and Wellness Coach.

As the CEO and founder of liveMEwell (& co founder of the Australia & New Zealand Health Coaches Association) she wants to find solutions to deliver support, guidance & health creation to remote geographical areas. Sam has been running "Building Better Blokes" courses in Southland for time poor or isolated people, offering practical and simple solutions to improve personal health and wellbeing.

Guest Speaker: Laura Hancock

Laura Hancock is a Movement Coach, specializing in Rural Industries. She regularly works with top level shearers and equestrian athletes as well as Farmers. Laura’s philosophy is to find Improvement through Movement.

With her work at Rural Works, Laura aims to "empower healthy rural communities" through education about the physical demands and movement patterns of their rural industries, teaching self-treatment and movement enhancement exercises to support and encourage rural people to take ownership over their own, their families and communities long term health, wellbeing and movement.



  • Health and Safety
  • Resilience and Wellbeing