Tukituki Land Care

Catchment Community Group

Catchment area

Regions: Hawkes Bay, Central Hawkes Bay

Tukituki Land Care (TLC) was formed in 2022 to act as an overarching collective for farmers and the 17 sub-catchment groups within the Tukituki Catchment, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. 

TLC operates as a collective, providing leadership, governance, and administration to link together individual landowners and communities organised within sub-catchment groups.

The Tukituki Catchment is one of the larger catchments in Hawke’s Bay covering approximately 2500 Km2. The Tukituki River flows north from southern central Hawke’s Bay 80 km into the Pacific Ocean near Haumoana south of Napier.

The Tukituki River catchment is made up of 17 sub-catchments, Kahahakuri, Tukipo, Porangahau, Maharakeke, Upper Tukituki Corridor, Papanui, Waipawa, Mangaonuku, Upper Tukituki, Makaretu, Mangatarata, Mangamahaki, Mangarara, Makara, Hawea, Lower Tukituki Corridor and Makaroro.

The Tukituki Catchment covers 215,970 hectares and there are 961 properties (greater than 20 hectares).




Tukituki Land Care is an incorporated society, led by chair Richard Hilson and a team of six Executive Committee members.

The Executive Committee is supported by a Catchment Lead [Michelle Goodman], Catchment Co-ordinators and a Catchment Communications officer.

There are two overarching themes for this project, a “Cohesive Voice” and “Actions to Protect”
TLC acts as a collective voice for farmer/grower members to improve understanding and the exchange of key messages to improve environmental outcomes, build more sustainable communities and businesses.
As a cohesive voice, TLC will identify opportunities and direct resources across the catchments, to get the best outcomes. TLC will actively engage with local and central governments to improve understanding and accelerate actions to drive better outcomes. TLC will work closely with government agencies to provide transparency between policy and action on the land – A cohesive voice for the land.


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