Rangitikei Rivers Catchment Collective

Catchment Community Group

Catchment area

Regions: Taranaki/Manawatu, Rangitikei

Targeted area - 707,360 hectares

This covers the Rangitikei, Turakina and Whangaehu river catchments.


The "Rangitikei Rivers Catchment Collective" is the Incorporated Society for all the Sub Catchments in the Rangitikei, Turakina and Whangaehu.  It is the legal entity that oversees and looks after all the environmental information, plus it manages the money and employees the supporting personnel for our sub catchments groups.

Thr RRCC encourages and supports the current sub catchments plus it works in the areas that are trying to get started with new groups.

The aim is to have community catchment groups across our entire region that supports farmers to make the changes required to enhance and protect our environment.

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