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Project Parore is in a pilot phase, focused on Te Mania catchment in Aongatete. Te Mania catchment (TMC) is located approximately 3 km south of Katikati. 1,300 hectares in area, flows in a north east direction to Tauranga Harbour. 

At approximately 2 km wide and 8 km long, it’s one of the smaller catchments at the northern end of Tauranga Moana.

The adjacent catchments are Te Rereatukahia to the north and Waitekohe to the south. Paved road corridors are Lund Road, Hot Springs Road, Chard Road and Sharp Road, with State Highway 2 crossing the bottom of the catchment (bridging the stream in one location).


Some landowners and other TMC residents are concerned about general environmental degradation, including soil erosion, water quality, biodiversity and pest plant and animal control. They’d like to take further steps to improve the health of the Tauranga harbour as well as the ecological value of Te Mania catchment’s landscape and streams. They understand that the way that the land is used contributes to the majority of adverse impacts on the health of the soil, the waterways and the native species who rely on them for habitat. Improving land management practices and protecting waterways from further degradation are keys to a sustainable future for both those whose livelihoods rely on the land and the community at large.

Te Mania catchment has been selected as the pilot catchment for a comprehensive and integrated community-led approach to sustainable land use and environmental protection. Project Parore encompasses every aspect of practical ecological restoration across all land uses. Engaging and supporting local champions as advocates is a critical factor for success. The project’s goals and operational plans are also intended to serve as a blueprint for other catchments.

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