Lower Aparima Catchment Group

Catchment Community Group

Catchment area

Regions: Southland

South of Fairfax (Otautau) and all waters migrating into the Aparima River and into Jacobs Estuary (Riverton). This groups boarders the Pourakino and Mid Aparima Catchment Groups.


Raising awareness of river quality and the impact of farming, industry and urban communities on water quality. Protecting the future quality of our water, ecology, farming systems and community.


  • Sustainable farming, industry and communities.
  • Maintaining and improving water quality and estuary health in the lower Aparima River.
  • Maintaining relationships and communication with all people in the catchment.
  • Being able to carry out recreational activities on and in the lower Aparima River.


  • To increase awareness of water quality issues; science, water quality data and changes in policy.
  • To hold regular meetings that involve those with relevant knowledge and expertise. 
  • To have involvement and engagement with all land users, industry, government bodies, industry groups and wider community.
  • To provide education and promotion of good management practices and environmentally beneficial techniques.
  • To trial practical new technology and techniques.

Outcomes / Goals

  • Establish additional monitoring stations to measure changes in water quality within the lower Aparima catchment.
  • Assist in developing new technology and techniques.
  • To get the rural community involved in the water quality discussion.
  • • To gain creditability as a group.

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