Kawhia and Coast River Care

Catchment Community Group

Catchment area

Regions: Waikato/BoP

We have divided the landowners into three subcatchment groups - Oparau, Te Waitere and Marokopa.

Oparau and Te Waitere are the two areas with streams feeding into the Kawhia Harbour. The Marokopa River flows out to the west coast, near by.

The area is sheep and beef farming, with pockets of native bush and vegetation on private farms, also large Iwi and smaller Hapu blocks and DOC reserve.

Some farmers have small forestry blocks. The land class is mostly class 6 and 7.


Members: 80

The Kawhia Harbour is a large harbour and a popular fishing spot. There is  a small settlement  on the surrounding shore of permanent residents and also many bach owners.

We are very proud of our Maori History and also whaleboat rowing which we have participated in for over 110 years. There are three clubs which own 3 historical restored boats and three replica boats between them.

Marokopa is a small settlement of farmers and batch owners on the coast further south, renowned for its Kahawhai fishing spot.

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