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Regions: Southland, Southland

It covers 60,000ha from just south of Mataura in the north down to Rakahouka on State Highway 98 in the south. Between Rakahouka and Edendale its boundary runs north of State Highway 98, almost across to State Highway 1 between Edendale and Mataura. To the west the area extends across to Ryal Bush and down to Wallacetown where the Oreti River forms the western boundary.

Currently the core area of the Hedgehope Makarewa Catchment Group is the Hedgehope area with people involved from the Ryal Bush and Makakrewa area.

Tthe main surface waters found in this area are the Oreti River, the Makarewa River, and the Dunsdale and Hedgehope  and Waikiwi Streams.


For more information, or to join the catchment group, contact our Catchment Coordinator, Sarah Thorne 027 588 5200 or sarah@thrivingsouthland.co.nz

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