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Regions: Canterbury, Waimate

The Hakataramea catchment spans from the Waitaki River in the south to the Hakataramea pass in the north. The catchment is bounded in the west by the Kirkliston Range and in the east by the Hunter Hills. The valley is around 56km long with an average width of 21km and drains an area of around 890km2.

There are approximately 86 families living within the Hakataramea Valley valley at present, and 62 farms that are 12ha or greater in size.


The Hakataramea Valley is a unique farming region and despite the challenging climate it is renowned for producing quality livestock and produce. We have a great supportive community that makes it a tremendous place to live and bring up a family. Strong communities, profitably farming land and unique ecosystems however do not survive out of chance. 

As the current generation to be enjoying and profiting from the Hakataramea Valley it is our responsibility to ensure we maintain and enhance the level of sustainability being achieved.  And this is essentially why the Hakataramea Sustainability Collective initiative came about, inspired by the similar catchment group model that was vibrant in the valley in the early 80's.

The main aim of the Hakataramea Sustainability Collective is:

“To assist and encourage the protection and enhancement of the Hakataramea Valley environment, and promote profitable and sustainable farming practices for future generations.”

Through community-driven projects the objectives of the Hakataramea Sustainability Collective are as follows:

  • Support and nurture our vibrant, strong community
  • Educate and support research of sustainable farming practices to foster the long-term viability of the valley’s farming businesses
  • Maintain the water quality of the river to national bathing standards
  • Improve recreational use of the Hakataramea river
  • Educate on the importance of the braided river and encourage the protection of its natural character
  • Improve opportunities for mahinga kai across the Hakataramea catchment
  • Protect and enhance ecological values of the Hakataramea Valley
  • Support the management of weeds and pests in the Hakataramea Valley

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