Rachel Griffiths

Catchment Community Group Facilitator


Rachel enjoys connecting with rural and urban (catchment) communities, community organisations, schools, and individuals using science communication and citizen science tools to engage them in environmental and sustainability issues. Rachel is based in the Wairarapa with her young family, having moved away from the hustle and bustle of Auckland to live 'the good life'. And it's proving to be really good!


Rachel has completed the Beef + Lamb NZ catchment coordination and facilitation training programme and can support catchment groups with facilitation and group coordination. She also has a Bachelor of Science (in biology and ecology) and a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with experience and knowledge in aquatic ecology/waterway health, riparian and wetland restoration and biodiversity issues.


Rachel has over 12 years in community based environmental engagement/action programmes, working with a range of schools and community organisations including catchment groups such as the IKHMG flagship farms, Tapora catchment group, Hoteo catchment group, various landcare groups and locally in the Wairapara the Wainuioru catchment group. She has also worked with a wide range of other community groups and individuals around environmental issues, particularly fresh water ecology and health. Rachel is able to offer groups advice and insight in to stream health issues, including setting up their community water quality monitoring programme (including stream health assessments), and helping interpret the data.

Regions: Wairarapa, South Wairarapa

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