Melissa Bradley

Catchment Community Group Facilitator


I am a farmer who is passionate about building resilient communities that thrive under their unique challenges. Where individuals are empowered to bring their knowledge into a space where it is valued as part of shared vision and problem solving. As a mother, wife and farm business owner I can see the power of catchment communities in leading the mind shifts that will create capital for future generations to build on, while generating an amazing story to share. 

"Working together our farm businesses can thrive while regenerating their community catchments providing opportunities for all"


Completed Beef and Lamb NZ Catchment coordination and facilitation program and can support  catchment groups with facilitation and group co-ordination. 

Completed RMPP Beef and Lamb NZ Focus group facilitation training 

NZ Playcentre Federation adult  learning facilitator training 

Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture Honours in Plant Science


I have experience in running Beef and Lamb NZ Catchment Community Group Workshop supporting groups through the Action Cycle.

Regions: Hawkes Bay, Wairoa, Hastings, Napier City, Central Hawkes Bay, Tararua

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