John Boon

Catchment Community Group Facilitator


Chair and Facilitator of the Waiohine Action Group.  Spent the last three years facilitating the first ever creation of a River Plan (iuncorporating Floodplain Management Plan) for the Waiohine.  This replaced a failed GWRC Floodplain Management Planning Porject with a project taken over, set up and run by the community, including all stakeholder and interest groups, Iwi and Mana Whenua, ratepayers and landowners, to create an 80 year Living, integrated whole of river plan by the community.  This is now approaching the Formal Submmisions stage of the process, if successful it will be adopted by GWRC. We have since started similar projects (expanding to whole of catchment) for the Mangataarere and Waipoua Rivers.  Which we will also register here.



Prior: forty years of hi-tech, up to and including running $300 million a year plus businesses and divisions of corporations in technology business consulting, business process outsourcing, sales and marketing.  Lifestyler, regional finalist in sustainable farming awards.  Participated in setting up a highly successful MeNZ Shed and chaired it for five years, other community work.


Now facilitating three community catchment groups to build comprehensive community led living catchment plans incorporating floodplain management plans for the Waiohine, Mangataarere and Waipoua catchments.




Regions: Wairarapa, South Wairarapa

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