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B+LNZ Generation Next Programme Alumni Hub

Keeping you connected and growing as the future of sheep and beef farming in New Zealand.

This platform allows all graduating participants of the Beef + Lamb New Zealand Generation Next Programme to stay connected, informed and up-skilled.

Links to resources mentioned on the programme, copies of handouts and recordings from online presentations can be accessed here. Simply search for the class year you were part of to find resources associated with your programme.

Alumni discussions – keep connected with each other

Keep connected with other alumni, share your experiences, and ask each other questions through our closed Facebook page.

Please email olivia.weatherburn@beeflambnz.com to be added to the group.

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These six-monthly newsletters will keep alumni updated on any changes to content, upcoming events you may be interested in and stories from other alumni and where they are now. 

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Check out some of the podcasts recommended by participants of the programme:

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Apps and technology 

Check out some of the apps and technology recommended by participants of the programme.

  • App: Electronic Animal Status Declaration (eASD) – An online system for completing Animal Status Declarations (ASDs) for sheep, cattle and deer being sent to slaughter.
  • App: Flockfinder – A free smartphone tool for commercial farmers, breeders and agricultural professionals wanting to identify breeders producing rams suitable for their purpose.
  • App: Feedsmart – Helps farmers estimate the feed requirements for sheep and cattle at any time of the year and for different levels of production.. 
  • Website and App: Mentemia – Helps you work out your daily mental wellbeing plan.
  • Software: Simple Feed Budget – This B+LNZ software is a free feed budgeting tool to download and install on your computer. Quick and simple to use, it will help you work out a feed budget for all or part of your farm, for a set period of time. You can find the budget on the USB from your programme or to get another copy of this programme, please email resources@beeflambnz.com

Recommend apps and technology that make your job easier 


From the modules 

Access handouts and templates from your programme.

Module 3

Keep learning 

  • Greenhouse Calculator  

Pre-Work module: Funded by the Red Meat Profit Partnership, the GHG Calculator is a tool for red meat farmers to measure and report on-farm GHG emissions and sequestration. It is simple, accurate and reflects the individual farm’s situation.

  • Primary ITO Sheep Beef Deer Career Pathways 2022 

Continue your upskilling by checking out what Primary ITO have to offer to learn while you earn.

View career pathways (PDF, 136 KB)


Upskill your Ospri and NAIT knowledge at https://www.ospri.co.nz/

  • Keep compliant 

Find out more about good practice and compliance in the key areas from health & safety to farm planning at https://beeflambnz.com/compliance 

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All other enquiries:

Contact Programme Manager Olivia Weatherburn – olivia.weatherburn@beeflambnz.com


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