Agri-Women's Development Trust - leadership programmes

The Agri-Womens Development Trust (AWDT) runs leadership programmes that aim to increase the pool of women with the skills and capability to govern and lead agricultural organisations.

Women play key roles in New Zealand farming partnerships and bring a wide range of skills to decision-making situations – but they hold just 6% of governance roles in the rural sector. Rural women face unique circumstances and barriers to developing as leaders. Their lives often combine supporting a farming business, family life, a career and being involved in their community.

If you're a rural woman looking to increase your skills, then check out what AWDT can offer you. Their leadership programmes will help you understand your strengths, gain confidence and develop your leadership skills.

First Steps

First steps is a two-day programme for women who are in farming partnerships or agri-businesses and want to set a path for themselves into leadership or governance roles. This workshop will start you on a thinking path: What else could I do?

You will leave First Steps with

  • insight into the value and potential of your skills and strengths
  • greater confidence and opportunity to explore areas of interest and passion
  • a goal-based action plan and the support to implement it
  • an on-going support network with like-minded women and the AWDT


Escalator is a 10-month programme for women who have a solid career in the agri-sector and want to develop their governance and leadership skills. Designed to complement your vision and commitment to agriculture, this programme will give you skills and experience in the areas of leadership and governance.

Five core development areas focus on the ‘what’ and more importantly the ‘how’ through Wellington-based modules, distance learning, professional coaching and practical application.

You'll cover:

  • Building individual potential
  • Communication, decision making, critical thinking
  • Governance, strategy, finance
  • Leadership
  • Collaboration, media, 5-year goals


We are a strategic partner of AWDT, providing financial support to its leadership programmes.