Pastoral Genomics

Pastoral Genomics is a New Zealand research consortium for forage improvement through biotechnology.

Pastoral Genomics is a consortium for forage improvement through biotechnology, comprised of B+LNZ, DairyNZ, DEEResearch, Grasslands Innovation (a joint venture between Grasslanz Technology and PGGW Seeds), Agriseeds, AgResearch and Dairy Australia. The board includes George Tatham, B+LNZ Farmer Director for the Eastern North Island.

Forage improvement

The aim of Pastoral Genomics is to deliver smart, sustainable forages to New Zealand, using plant biotechnologies to improve the productivity, sustainability and quality of New Zealand forages.

Pastoral Genomics has developed tools to breed cultivars with smaller environmental footprints, greater productivity and other traits to meet industry targets. It is working towards cultivars with more dry matter, more metabolisable energy, better digestibility, more efficient fertiliser use, tolerance to drought, greater persistence and control over traits like flowering.

The Pastoral Genomics strategy is to use genomics in pre-breeding and breeding programmes for ryegrass and clover, delivering profitability gains to New Zealand farmers and creating a more resilient and sustainable pastoral sector.


Pastoral Genomics’ latest research proposal is called PG+ and focuses on genomic selection in commercial breeding programmes and using genomics to discover, characterise and use novel traits that exist in ryegrass and clover populations. PG+ will link research through to commercialisation and adoption by farmers.

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