St Pauls Collegiate Agribusiness

Growing demand for skilled workers in the primary industries has led B+LNZ to team up with St Paul’s Collegiate School and help create New Zealand’s first Agribusiness curriculum for secondary school students.

Agribusiness at St Paul’s exposes students to the wide range of skills required and the opportunities available in the primary sector up to and beyond the farm gate. It is offered at NCEA Levels 2 and 3 and has been designed for students who excel in science and commerce. 

What does it cover?

This comprehensive programme includes study in plant, soil and food science, microbiology, agri-management and finance, economics, digital technologies, agri-innovations and marketing, primary production processes, future proofing, growing value and international trade.

The programme is taught in four strands:

  • Agri-science
  • Agri-marketing
  • Agri-management and finance
  • Agri-innovation

Find out more

Visit the St Paul’s Collegiate website for more information.