Farmer Initiated Technology Transfer (FITT) programme

FITT was a B+LNZ initiative to improve farm profitability. It offered funding for groups of sheep and cattle farmers to trial new approaches or farming systems.

image of two famers in the yards with cattle

How FITT works

Farmers within a region or district were encouraged to get together and apply for funding for a project to address a local problem or opportunity. 

Suitable projects 

The project must have immediate and relevant application on-farm. The emphasis must be on developing practical systems to solve immediate farming problems or develop opportunities, which means any research component will probably be small. Projects can address any beef or sheep production issue that aims to improve productivity and profit for farmers. 

Sharing the results

 The results of the project must be shared with other farmers in the area. Project reports may be published and reported in the media, as well as shared through farmer networks, field days and meetings. Groups are expected to seek publicity and extension opportunities for their projects.