Monitor Farms

Helping farmers plan for success since 1991, our world-leading monitor farm programme focuses on a single farm business over a three to four year period.


Note: this programme is currently under review.

How does it work?

Community groups identify key issues impacting local production and farm performance and select a farmer and facilitator. The group then develops and implements a business plan and 3-4 year monitoring plan.

Local agribusiness people are on hand to support monitor farmers throughout the process, including vets, consultants, farmers, scientists, financiers and processors, as well as B+LNZ.

Monitor farms draw on local expertise, planning and community collaboration to improve farm production and make a big difference to profits. Success on a single farm provides other local farmers with a wealth of practical and proven information to take home and use.

Find out more

Contact your local extension manager for more information about what's happening in your region.