Eliminating Facial Eczema Impacts programme

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The EFEI programme has the ambitious goal of eliminating the impact of Facial Eczema (FE) as a disease of livestock in New Zealand.  

Facial Eczema is a painful disease for livestock with no cure and has been impacting animals as well as farmers and farm productivity in New Zealand for over 100 years. There are currently limited tools available to farmers to manage the disease.

Through collaboration with farmers, researchers, veterinarians, extension specialists, rural professionals and industry experts we will be able to develop practical tools and solutions for farmers to manage FE behind the farm gate.

The EFEI programme will have a direct benefit to B+LNZ levy payers and the wider sector. Solutions developed will aim to ultimately improve farm productivity and profitability.

This programme is a $20.75 million cross-sector partnership and will run over a seven-year period. Funding is provided by B+LNZ, Ministry for Primary Industries through the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures (SFFF) fund, with in-kind contributions also from:

  • Farmers
  • FE Gold
  • PGG Wrightson Seeds
  • Barenbrug
  • Cropmark Seeds
  • DairyNZ
  • Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC)
  • Fonterra
  • CRV Limited
  • Deer Industry New Zealand
  • Maui Sheep Milk
  • Spring Sheep Milk Company
  • New Zealand Llama Association
  • Alpaca Association New Zealand
  • Grasslanz Technology

The EFEI programme officially starts on 1 April 2024 and this webpage will be updated regularly as the programme progresses.

You can read about research already underway or register your email, so we can keep you up to date as the programme progresses.