You’re invited to the online New Zealand Meat Board Annual Meeting

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The New Zealand Meat Board (NZMB) is an essential part of the puzzle to ensuring farmers get optimal returns on beef and sheepmeat exports. Learn more about the work NZMB does at its online Annual Meeting at 3pm, 12 March 2021.

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The NZMB, a statutory body governed by the Meat Board Act 2004, exists to help New Zealand achieve best possible ongoing returns available on beef and sheepmeat exports to the USA, United Kingdom and European Union quota markets and to manage the Board’s reserves and assets in the interests of livestock farmers.

The NZMB’s responsibilities include:

  • establishing and operating quota management systems for the quota markets
  • collecting, processing and maintaining information to support the Board’s quota management function
  • to manage and grow, in the interests of livestock farmers, the Board’s reserves including to provide funding for industry-good activities
  • account to livestock farmers regarding the Board’s activities.

This year, the NZMB’s Annual Meeting is being held virtually on Friday 12 March at 3pm. All farmers are welcome to attend and there’s opportunity to ask questions throughout the session.

The importance of the NZMB to farmers

Sam McIvor, The NZMB’s CEO says the NZMB provides New Zealand farmer and industry prosperity through safeguarding and optimising the value of and access to quota markets. These quota markets currently cover over $2 billion of NZ’s sheepmeat and beef sales annually.

The NZMB also manages $76 million of farmer reserves and provides industry good funding delivered through Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) to Beef + Lamb Genetics.

NZMB is focused on being a being a trusted partner in exports and quota management and competent custodian of industry reserves.  In both disciplines its focused on delivering excellent value to stakeholders.

Come to the NZMB Annual Meeting

You’re invited to join the NZMB Annual Meeting online at 3pm on Friday 12 March 2021. The virtual meeting will be hosted by Andrew Morrison (Chair) and Sam McIvor (CEO).

Find more information including the agenda and minutes from the last meeting and register to attend on the NZMB website.

This year the packs with material for both the NZMB and B+LNZ Annual Meeting’s were mailed out together as part of the Directors’ commitment to raising the profile of NZMB’s role.

To ensure you can have your say, please note the deadlines for voting. Internet and postal voting, and proxy forms if required, must be received by the Returning Officer at by 2pm, Friday 12 March 2021.

More about the NZMB

The NZMB is a statutory body governed by the Meat Board Act 2004. Its objective is to facilitate capturing the best possible ongoing returns from quota markets for New Zealand and its meat industry. It is also responsible for managing the Board’s reserves and other assets in the interests of livestock farmers.

Learn more about the NZMB on its website at