Taste Pure Nature takes over L.A. Times

// International Trade

Taste Pure Nature recently partnered with the L.A. Times to launch a month long digital campaign focused on targeting new Conscious Foodie consumers. The campaign forms part of the programme’s strategy to build awareness and consideration for New Zealand grass-fed beef and lamb in new and creative ways.

Taste Pure Nature ad in LA Times website

During May, Californian Conscious Foodies were enticed to ‘discover the taste of New Zealand grass-fed’ beef and lamb through Taste Pure Nature brand adverts across the L.A. Times website and newsletters. To date, the campaign has generated more than 1M impressions. 

The leading news and lifestyle outlet reaches around 35 percent of LA County, a focus geographical region for the Taste Pure Nature brand marketing campaign.

“Around 50 percent of L.A. Times readers are food and recipe enthusiasts with similar demographics and behavioural traits to Taste Pure Nature’s target audience,” says Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s (B+LNZ) Global Manager – New Zealand Red Meat Story Michael Wan.

“That means we’re reaching around 1.4 million Conscious Foodie consumers in LA and directing them to learn more about New Zealand’s grass-fed red meat including where to buy the product and recipes.”

“The L.A. Times complements the awareness gains we’re seeing with our digital adverting and outdoor billboard activity and will bring additional value as we look to expand beyond the people we are already reaching.”