Red meat sector spotlighted this National Lamb Day

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This year’s National Lamb Day is being celebrated on 15 February, the date the Dunedin ship left Port Chalmers for London in 1882 carrying the first frozen shipment of sheepmeat. The day is a celebration of food and the significant economic contribution NZ's red meat sector generates for Kiwis.

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Let's join together to celebrate National Lamb Day, appreciating the rich heritage of New Zealand's red meat sector and the hard work of our dedicated farmers. 

This date celebrates the foundation of New Zealand's globally renowned lamb industry and recognises the vital role Kiwi farmers play in sustaining our innovative legacy and contributing to the country's economy. Whilst the day is celebrating New Zealand lamb, it’s also an opportunity to celebrate all farmers and the wider agriculture sector. 

AgProud have taken the lead on organising events in collaboration with B+LNZ Inc and with support from B+LNZ Ltd. 

Normally celebrated in May, National Lamb Day has been moved to February this year to allow more farmers and producers to actively participate. It is a day dedicated to celebrating both food producers and consumers, acknowledging the substantial economic impact generated by the red meat sector for New Zealand. 

We have been working with B+LNZ Inc, the domestic marketing branch, and farmer organisation AgProud, to establish National Lamb Day as an annual celebration of Kiwi food and farmers. 

Get involved 

Celebrate the day by enjoying some delicious lamb on National Lamb Day. Host a BBQ or a roast, as we all take a moment to appreciate your hard work as food producers. Check out if you want to get creative. 

Help us raise awareness by sharing information within your networks. Stay tuned to B+LNZ’s Facebook Page for the latest updates and posts to share. 

Wear a National Lamb Day t-shirt loud and proud. AgProud are selling t-shirts with $12 of each t-shirt going towards the charity. Get yours here

Tune into The Rock radio station on 15 February as they broadcast their drivetime show live from Southern Field Days at Waimumu. Their aim is to help raise awareness about the day and highlight how the historic shipment paved the way for our red meat trade, becoming a cornerstone of New Zealand’s economy.  The Rock are also looking at doing other events across New Zealand’s main centres. 

If you’re heading to Southern Field Days (14–16 February), make sure to stop by site A89, where you can find the B+LNZ stand. Here, you can test the Technogym Ride bicycle, meet Olympian Eddie Dawkins, and compete for exciting prizes. This experience is part of our collaboration with B+LNZ Inc and our recent partnership with NZ Olympics.  

We are also working on an event at Parliament to celebrate National Lamb Day.

Learn more 

Read more about our innovative history on the New Zealand History website.